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Myofascial Stretching

Fascia has become the new craze in the fitness industry due its major role in preventing and healing injuries.  People are using rollers, lacrosse balls and manual therapy to release their fascia, but are these the safest and most effective ways to treat fascia. First, lets briefly look at what fascia is.” To put it […]

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Stretching for Running

  Running and walking are two of the most popular methods of exercise. They can be done anywhere and cost little money. But with that can come over use injuries such as shin splints, back aches, achilles problems, knee pain, and poor posture, just to name a few. Now we have all heard to stretch, […]

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The Soma Approach

The Soma Therapy  and Soma Training programs interest those who are already involved in a manual medicine specialty as well as using exercise and wellness techniques to improve general health and function of their clients. As the soma training program enhances the ability to teach and prescribe proper exercise, stretching, and therapeutic modalities, as well as prepare […]

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The Harms of Looking Down at Your Cellphone

With the modern world turning digital, it is hard not to stare down at your phone for countless hours a day.  However, without you noticing, it is taking tolls on your body and will negatively affect your spine in the long run.  Read this article for more information.

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