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Keys to Healthy Metabolism

Keys to a healthy metabolism   Eat enough food. Without proper calories (energy) your metabolism will not function the way it is suppose to. If calories in do not match your metabolic needs your metabolism slows to compensate. Metabolic needs are the amount of calories you require to function at an optimal rate, meaning normal […]

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Fruit Smoothy

Pre-post-during workout  or anytime of the day shake Option 1 4 oz of Organic milk ( you can use coconut milk, without CARAGEENAN) 4 0z of Pulp free OJ 4 oz of Coconut water handful of cherries 1 medium peach 2-4 strawberries 1 teaspoon of coconut oil dash of salt 1 teaspoon of Honey 3 […]

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Get some SLEEP

As I have mentioned in the past, we often overlook the simple things when it comes to health and wellness such as drinking water, eating real food, walking, breathing, and sleep. Sleep is most likely the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to looking and feeling your best.  If we don’t sleep, we […]

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Mastering Key Movement Patterns for Kids

Coaches and Parents have this obsession with hiring personal coaches for their kids. From batting coaches, running coaches, quarterback, lacrosse, etc. parents pay top dollar for these services.  But what if I told you that will only take them so far and you are thinking short term. Does it really matter if your  child is […]

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