A Private, Fully Equipped Fitness Studio

We are passionately committed to changing peoples lives by helping them adopt a healthier lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, motivation, and inspiration.  Our focus is simple; why are you here? There is no wrong answer, people come for many different reasons.  It is our job to clarify what that reason is. Having a dream, a vision, or a goal is the first step towards success.

One on One Private Sessions- packages available

ELDOA/MYOFASCIAL Stretching and Segmental Strengthening classes.

Postural Assessment: A full body assessment used to calculate any imbalances in the body. Measuring spinal curves, Lumbar, thoracic, forward head, plumb line postural screening, movement screens, and more.  This is used to design a specific program based on the results.  Assessments are used to treat and rehabilitate injuries or to prevent injuries.

Soma Therapy-  The goal of therapy is to treat the injury, address what possibly caused the injury and prescribe the necessary exercises and stretches to ensure the injury does not come back. As a current student of Dr. Guy Voyer’s soma therapy and soma training program  I now provide hands-on therapy to treat postural abnormalities, injuries, pre and post surgery rehab.  Using a technique called osteo-articular pumping and fascial normalization,   techniques  which allows improved migration of leucocytes and improved hormonal influence towards the articulation. This also normalizes the tensions in the articular capsule and the ligaments. Every day, we hear our patients complain of painful inflammations, sprains, tendinitis, arthroses; rheumatic problems, etc. Is it doing them justice to utilize cryotherapy all the time? What is the best therapeutic method against this inflammation? If we know the three phases of inflammation: the vascular phase, the cellular phase and the regeneration phase. In the first phase, the icing is interesting as it permits a reduction in the heat, redness and edema by the resultant vasoconstriction. But this phase only lasts a couple of hours, beyond that, it is liquid mobilization, whereby the blood allows the necessary migration of leucocytes as well as its indispensable hormonal function that allows the realization of treatment of inflammation. Icing is therefore banished after the initial phase and heat, fascia normalization and pumping is used to peed up the healing process.- please call for pricing. Click on the following link to learn more about Pumping.


Nutritional and lifestyle consultation and follow up 

Based on years of studying and implementing different theories in nutrition, we have come to realize that using whole organic food works best.  Everyone is treated as an individual, and therefore requires different ratios of carbs, proteins, and fats, as well as calories.  Healing your metabolism through food, not supplements, is our main objective.  Regulating your pulse and body temperature through food, as well as addressing overall stress in your life is the key to vitality.  We base most of our nutrition off the work of Dr. Price, Paul Chek, Dr. Ray Peat, Josh and Jeanne Rubin, Lita Lee, Dr. Broda Barnes.


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