Brian Kermizian

2016-01-22 17.11.27Brian Kermizian has spent 19 years studying human physiology and holistic health.  He has an in depth training in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, holistic lifestyle modification, and innovative coaching practices. Brian’s extensive training includes approaches to wellness designed by some of the most respected practitioners of our time including Guy Voyer D.O., Ray Peat Ph.D, Paul Chek, a BS in Exercise Science from M.S.U as well as a Division 1 athlete in Baseball at Rider University.  His vast knowledge and experience make him one of the most sought after coaches in exercise, lifestyle management, and well-being enrichment.Brian is the owner of Living Fit Health and Wellness center in Cedar Grove, NJ.  Working with hundreds of clients from young kids to Seniors, he uses a holistic approach when coaching his clients. Additional and ongoing studies include: Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the C.H.E.K Institute , East West Healing and Performance: Metabolic Blueprint Practitioner, and for the last 4 years SOMA Training and SOMA Therapy under Guy Voyer D.O. in comprehensive myofascial exercise therapy, E.L.D.O.A technique,Myo-fascial stretching, specific proprioception and awareness, segmental strengthening of the Abs, segmental strengthening upper and lower limbs, Circulatory techniques, Osteo-articular pumping,  Fascia-normalization, Soma Golf, and Soma Golf Therapy.





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