Lisa Swarbrick

Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
For nearly ten years Lisa has been helping people get more from their body, mind & spirit as a personal trainer with an extensive background and toolbox to help you overcome limitations and reach your goals.
Lisa has been studying a remarkable form of exercise prescription that has its roots in holistic osteopathic principles. In Canada, she achieved an osteopathic exercise specialist certificate from the Academy of Osteopathic Science in Toronto, (where she also opened and operated a boutique fitness studio for several years). In NYC she continues osteopathic based exercise and movement studies with French Osteopath, Guy Voyer, DO. Some of these techniques include, ELDOA for joint decompression, myofascial stretching, precise osteopathic ligamentous proprioception, segmental muscle strengthening and diaphragm focus.
In training sessions she may also utilize her tools for Brain Gym, applied kinesiology, functional neurology exercise, energy medicine, aquafit, drum & music therapeutix, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Lisa is also a graduate of Seneca College Fitness Leadership, an older adult exercise specialist and CHEK Exercise Coach.
Lisa enjoys working as a complement to your chiropractor/osteopath/physical therapist or other health practitioner. She also gives wellness workshops teaching self-care & well-being principles that help you lead the life you want!

406 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 | 973-433-0445